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Securing Your Legacy Today Protects Their Tomorrow

Make sure they have everything they need, when they need it most with an innovative digital vault and legacy planning platform.

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Peace of mind doesn’t come in a box. Give your loved ones the answers they need with LegacyArmour, an intelligent, cloud-based legacy management and life monitoring solution.

End-to-End Legacy Asset Planning

Manage, centralize and store your most valuable information in encrypted digital vaults, and feel confident it will be protected until it’s delivered.


Easy to Use

Checklists and templates, plus an intuitive user interface with built-in checkpoints, simplify legacy planning complications.


Top-Level Protection

Your information is encrypted before it’s uploaded, preventing hackers from intercepting your most critical information.


Timely Delivery

You determine when your assets should be delivered to designated recipients, and our platform executes your wishes.

The future is already scary enough. As the mother of two young boys, LegacyArmour takes one more thing off my plate and lets me rest easier knowing that if anything happens to me, my boys will still know me, know about their family, and their caregivers will know where everything is."

Courtney M.


Courtney and Boys

Protecting Their Future Has Never Been Easier

Legacy planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow a simple process on our intelligent platform to store, secure and deliver the information your loved ones need.

  • Access four encrypted digital vaults, each designated for specific documents or assets, right from your dashboard.
  • Quickly and easily upload your financial, healthcare, legal and personal information to your secure vaults.
  • Designate recipients as beneficiaries of your vaults and delegates to help you manage your information.
  • Determine the specific triggers that will automatically deliver your vaults to your chosen recipients.
  • Follow up-to-date templates to create, notarize and store your will, living will and power of attorney.

Manage Your Legacy With an Expert Advisor

If you want to execute your estate and legacy plan with a professional’s help, we can connect you with an advisor in our network. Enter your contact information, and an advisor near you will reach out with next steps.

Trust Their Peace of Mind to Powerful Legacy Planning Tools

Access everything you need to organize, manage and secure your most important assets so they can be delivered at exactly the right time.


Digital Vaults

Ensure your data is protected with zero-knowledge encryption and secure passphrases.


Estate Planning Templates

Create, notarize and secure important documents like a living will and power of attorney.


Legacy Planning Checklist

Make sure all of your information is protected, including photos and social media accounts.


Digital Life Monitoring

Add a layer of protection with AI-powered digital activity monitoring and live outreach.


Automated Delivery

Set specific triggers to ensure your legacy information is delivered when they need it most.


Medical Cards

Be prepared for anything with your health information printed on medical directive cards.

Leaving the Right Legacy Starts Now

Sign up for a seven-day free trial of LegacyArmour to begin protecting the most valuable asset of all – their future.

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