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Protect the Business You Built

Go beyond a business continuity plan with encrypted cloud storage to ensure your corporate assets are secured.

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Prepare your business for the unexpected with LegacyArmour, an AI-powered platform that centralizes your most important corporate collateral in secure digital vaults, to be delivered to authorized personnel only in the event of an emergency.

Guard Your Business Against the Unexpected

Make sure your valuable business assets are always protected with encrypted cloud storage, intelligent life monitoring and succession planning capabilities.


Secure Critical Business Information

Protect corporate assets from ransomware, natural disasters or any other unexpected events.


Assign Authorized Recipients

In the event of an emergency, your vaults will be delivered only to the recipients you’ve chosen.


Trust Powerful Security Features

Your information is encrypted before it’s uploaded to guarantee the highest level of protection.

An End-to-End Business Succession Planning Solution

Take the guesswork out of succession planning with a comprehensive solution that centralizes and secures your valuable data until the time is right for delivery.

  • Zero-knowledge encryption protects against hackers, ransomware and breaches.
  • Differentiated department vaults keep information organized and separated.
  • Specific triggers ensure your vaults will only be delivered when the time is right.
  • Each vault can have two designated recipients who know your unique passphrase.
  • Selected delegates help you manage the content of your department vaults.
  • Contracts, client data, insurance and legal information can be stored in your vaults.

Feel Confident About Your Business’ Future With Key Planning Tools

Keep your company’s assets protected until delivery with a suite of innovative features on the LegacyArmour platform.


Multiple Vaults

Each department can store its own data in an encrypted vault and schedule delivery to authorized personnel.


Customized Encryption

Every vault is protected with secure passphrases specific to the information owner and designated recipients.


Malware Protection

Before your information is uploaded, an integrated malware scan determines if any data has been compromised.


Personalized Delivery Triggers

Vault owners determine if data should be delivered manually, on a certain date or in the event of incapacitation.


Digital Life Monitoring

AI-powered digital life monitoring and a live outreach team help automate the timely delivery of your vaults.


Annual Reminders

On a yearly basis, we’ll remind vault owners to make sure their recipient information is updated and accurate.

Protect Your Business With LegacyArmour

Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can secure your most valuable corporate information on our cloud-based platform.

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