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Secure What
Matters Most

Take the first step toward ensuring your loved ones have the answers they need, when they need them.

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Your Advisor-Led, End-to-End Legacy Management Solution

With your trusted advisor as your guide, you can centralize and secure your most valuable information, and rest assured that it will be protected at the highest level until it’s delivered.


Encrypted Vaults

Upload encrypted information to secure vaults that only you, your recipients and your delegates can access.


Automated Delivery

Establish triggers to automate the delivery of your information to your predetermined recipients.


AI-Driven Monitoring

Trust intelligent digital monitoring and live outreach to ensure your vaults are delivered when needed.


Guided Setup

Understand exactly what information you need to secure with detailed checklists and setup assistance.


Estate Planning Templates

Follow our step-by-step guides to easily fill out, notarize and store essential, up-to-date legal documents.


Medical Directive

Be prepared for anything with medical information and directives captured on a convenient health card.


"We now have the peace of mind knowing we have made the right decision in protecting what is most important to us: Our family and our legacy."

– The Smythes


"I don't have many assets yet, but I gave my parents a prepaid subscription to LegacyArmour as a gift to make sure I have access to their health, legal and estate information in case of an emergency!"

– Sarah S.

Secure Your Legacy for Your Loved Ones

Ensure their peace of mind with an end-to-end legacy management solution, available at no cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I be certain my assets are secure?

A: Our system is built from the ground up by cybersecurity experts to ensure that your data is safe. We encrypt your information before it’s uploaded, so that hackers can't access it during upload or download, and only you and your recipients have the keys to decrypt it.

Q: Who can access my vaults?

A: Only you and your delegates have access to your encrypted vaults. Your recipients will be able to decrypt your vaults when they are delivered using unique passphrases known only to you and your recipients. You can have up to four different vaults, and you can assign two recipients to each vault. 

Q: When are my vaults delivered to my recipients?

A: You can schedule your vaults to be delivered manually, on a certain date, or as a result of specific life-monitoring triggers established by you. 

Q: How does life monitoring work?

A: Our AI engine monitors your digital activity for signs of incapacitation. If it detects any issues, one of our customer care professionals will reach out via phone or email, depending on your specifications. Failure to respond multiple times will trigger the delivery of your vaults to your recipients.

Q: How much does LegacyArmour cost?

A: Because LegacyArmour is provided through your trusted advisor, there is no charge to you for the use of our legacy asset planning and life monitoring solutions.