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Securing Peace of Mind Since 2015

Your peace of mind is our passion. We built LegacyArmour to help families secure their most valuable assets, information and memories for their loved ones, so that when the time comes, they have the answers they need.

Our History

We understand the trauma, uncertainty and grief that comes from not being able to locate important family assets in the event of an emergency or unexpected event, because we lived through it ourselves. Since then, we’ve been dedicated to protecting our own family’s information, and helping you protect yours.





Our Mission

LegacyArmour exists to give your family the security and confidence of knowing that your assets are protected and your future wishes are documented – and that they will be guarded until they are delivered. We know that protecting information is only part of the solution; peace of mind comes from knowing your loved ones will receive the answers they need, when they need them.

Our Expertise

Security is built into, not bolted onto, the LegacyArmour platform. As cybersecurity professionals and educators, we understand how to protect your information to the fullest extent by:

  • Ensuring only you, your designated recipients and your delegates can view your information  
  • Encrypting your information before it leaves your computer to protect against interception during upload
  • Giving you the power to determine when your information should be securely delivered to recipients



The People Behind the Platform

We’re the founders of LegacyArmour, a husband and wife team who have both personally spent years searching for missing family assets, documents and policies, only to come up empty. Dealing with that grief and loss led us to build LegacyArmour, an end-to-end solution designed to protect and deliver the answers your loved ones need, when they need them most.


Sahar Ismail

Chief Executive Officer

The driving force behind the creation of LegacyArmour, Sahar received a master’s in Security Technologies from the University of Minnesota. A multi-lingual, seasoned executive, she has experience in leadership, insurance, finance and international commerce. In addition to being the co-founder and CEO of LegacyArmour, Sahar also serves as an adjunct cybersecurity professor at Metropolitan State University.


Michael Lester

Chairman and Marketing Officer

The co-founder of LegacyArmour, Michael holds both an MBA and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He served as a Midshipman for the U.S. Naval Academy, as well as a pilot in the Marine Corps. Michael is a member of MENSA, a Certified Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) and a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).

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